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Little Amber

Beth is a practitioner for the Amber Trust's 'Little Amber' and 'Amber Plus' schemes; for more information about the projects click here.
Little Amber offers a Music Awards scheme, available to families in the UK. Families involved in the scheme will be given a set of activity cards and will receive four home visits a year by a specially trained practitioner, who will show parents, carers and siblings musical activities to do at home or when out and about. Little Amber Music Awards run until a child’s fifth birthday, after which families are eligible to apply for Amber Plus or the main Amber Trust Music Award.
If you'd like to discuss the 'Little Amber' or 'Amber Plus'
please use the Contact page or contact the
Amber Trust directly here.


During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Little Amber's important work has had to move online. As such, Beth has been providing remote, online music workshops to children with visual impairments and their families.

"Thank you so much... T listened carefully and said 'well done, good singing' to you at then end of each video! The baby enjoyed playing too! We can re watch and do them again which is good as well. Thank you!" - Little Amber Parent.

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